Carolinas Genealogical Society

CGS Research Policy and Fees

Request for Genealogy Research
If you are interested in having CGS research for you, we will do so within the collections located at the Heritage Room where the holdings of both the Heritage Room and Carolinas Genealogical Society are maintained. To request research, you will need to complete the form, available for download, and submit with the fee for the initial one hour of research. Please be specific and clear with your research question. We do not want to charge you for information you already have. The research fee is $20 for members of CGS and $25 for non-members. The hourly fee includes 10 copies of documents or materials. There will be an additional cost of 25 cents
per page for copies exceeding 10 pages.  You will be contacted prior to making additional copies or before preceeding with additional research. If no information can be located, the fee is nonrefundable. 
You can use the CGS Bookstore page to pay by PayPal; members should log in before placing the order, or mail  a check or money order to:
Carolinas Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 397
Monroe, NC 28111
If you have questions before requesting research help, please contact us at