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These are among some of our most used Indexes. We also have Marriages and Death Index Records as well as Obituaries. Otha B. and Francis Small's Marriage Records can be seen under the Members Only Tab. Listed with the other Files and Databases available to Members. 

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Union County Church Index               
Cemetery Index of Union County Index to War Files
School Annuals List    Index of Wills Monroe Enquirer 1880 - 1882 - Index by Date
Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1909 Index Box - Early to 1919 Newspapers Monroe Journal Special Edition - 1919 - Alphabetical 
Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1923 Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1924 Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1925
Monroe Journal - Multi-Year Alphabetical 1923, 24, 25, 28 Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1941
Note: File show 1941, but is 41 - 46
Monroe Journal 1942 By Date Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1942
Monroe Journal Index - Alphabetical 1944 Monroe Journal  - Alphabetical 1945 Monroe Journal - Alphabetical 1946
Monroe Journal  Index - Alphabetical 1954 Enq-Journal Historic Edition 1972 Enq-Journal Historic Edition 1974
Various Newspapers and Years - Alphabetical Index   Collection of Civil War Articles of Mrs. George E. Lee Articles by Jo Ann Stevenson
Homestead Exemptions from Deed Bk 6, Union County, NC - No index is available. Cemetery Lists of Union County, Survey of N.C. 1939 - 1941 - copied by Clara Laney from the N.C. Archives. A W.P.A. project  




Desdie Collins was born July 16, 1928, to James Eustace and Mamie York Collins. She died at her family home on May 29, 2015.

In 1978, Desdie offered to house the growing collection of material that CGS was accumulating. Before her generous offer, the material had been located in several homes. Desdie set aside a room in her house and started the first research room for CGS. In 1986, when the county commissioners assigned rooms for The Heritage Room in the old Courthouse, the books and materials were moved there. She worked for many years as its librarian.  CGS and the visitors to the Heritage Room owe a debt of thanks to Desdie Parker. 

Desdie Parker Collection

 Francis Ellen Richardson Small 1922 - 2014       

 She married Otha (Buck) Small September 20, 1942.

  They were life long residents of Union County, NC.  Their interest in family history was amazing. They published       many books, spending countless hours at the Union County Register of Deeds office reading marriage books and   certificates in preparation for the   publication of five books which provide indexes of Union County marriages 1843-   1960.

 Frances and Buck were dedicated members of Carolinas Genealogical Society. 

They donated their extensive collection of genealogical and historical records to CGS to benefit researchers visiting The Heritage Room.